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There are plenty of charity web sites, and millions of wonderful, generous people donate millions of dollars to them. 
But most of the givers are wondering in the back of their minds, "where is the money going?" 
So little seems to make it down to the people who need it. 
At our website:
All the donations go: 
Direct to the needy person or organization. 
No middle man. 

"Its' a good feeling. You know some of the person's story and you know what the money is being used for."

"You can do this yourself without our help, but our knowledge base of the Internet and search engines means you have a much higher prospect of success if you sign up with our service!"
















































































































World Wide - International

"Ask and ye shall receive!"

                Why FREE Cyberbegging web sites do not work:
1. Free donation sites get thousands of folks listing their stories. 
2. Since it is Free, there is no limit to how many stories can be listed.
3. Also these sites are much lower in Alexa Ratings (Internet rankings of web sites similar to TV's Neilson Ratings) and are not much help because they cannot afford to advertise throughout the Internet.
Check our Alexa Rating. We are rated in the top 1% of all websites in the world! 
4. Free sites can't give you service and options. Again they can't afford it.
5. Although no one can guarantee that you will receive donations, but just imagine if your story is included with thousands of others and no way to search. 
6. They do not offer the privacy nor any pledge of responsibility that comes with our service.
7. Those are the reasons we charge a fee, to reduce the numbers of members and stories, offer good service and options plus we offer a Google search of all pages using any topic (i.e. tornado, cancer, etc)
which makes your story easier to locate.

Sign Up Here for your own Donation Page!
About $0.33 cents a day!*
Be sure to read: Privacy & Warnings
One time set up: $34.95 + first month at $9.95 = $44.90
Total sign-up today is $44.90 
Then $9.95 a month beginning after 30 days.

On secured server: Standard plan:

You could start getting donations from around the world in hours!
*If you only got $3 a day, that would be $90 a month! 
It is possible to  get the big donations like others have received. 
Amounts like $100 or $500!


Sign up to get your very own web page.


We will create your web page and submit it to search engines.


We will refer you to Paypal to get an account if you do not have one now.


We will help with the Paypal linking code if you need help.


We will maintain your page until you decide to stop.


We will post your donation statement, see examples below.


Change and update your web page's content anytime (small fee will be charged) 


Cost: *About 33 cents a day + One time set up: $34.95 + first month at $9.95 total sign-up today $44.90 & $9.95 monthly - that's about $0.33 cents a day  
and of course you cancel anytime. 


Your donations should more than pay for this.


Note: Special pricing. Save 25% (get 6 months advance) 
with no recurring billing see below or Click Here

Note: You do not need to be a member 
of Paypal to sign up today!

On secured server: Standard plan:


If you are wondering if we get many folks to our website:
Check our Alexa Ranking  
We are rated in the top 1% 
of all websites in the world!
(similar to the Nielsen Ratings for television) 
This is something you cannot fake! 
Do not look at "counters"!
Counters can be easily manipulated.
You need to base your decision on real information 
from independent sources.

Alexa is the leader and most recognized in the industry. 

Fact: According to Google, there are 1,346,966,000 
One billion, 346 million, 966 thousand websites.

According to Reuters News Wire, many experts believe 
there are 550 billion websites world-wide.

At our website, these good hearted philanthropists can skip the middle man and give direct to the individual who needs the help.......you! 
The donation goes direct to you either by check or money order or through the 100,000,000 (100 million) member network of Paypal which owned and operated by Ebay.com.


Special Multible Months Pricing: Save 25%
Or more with No recurring billing!

This is special pricing. Save 25% or more and no recurring billing.
Get your donation page for 6 Months or more paid in advance.
Example: 6 Months: Regular price $94.65 ($34.95 sign up and 6 months times $9.95) 
By using this method you will save $23.66 or 25% and you will have no recurring billing each month.
You can renew later if you still are still in need more donations.
This is a one time charge.
You will never be billed again!
You save 25% or more - you choose: pay only $70.99 for 6 months, $99.99 for 12 months, or $170.99 for 2 years........and your set up costs are paid and you have six months service,
Note: You do not need to be a member of Paypal to sign up today!

Add Months & Save More
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By Mail:

Sign up for 6 months by US Mail:


Please send a $70.99 money order, no checks (address below).


In order to get the information to you the quickest way, 
include an e-mail address to send the information.


We will e-mail you the password to the special members page immediately after receiving the money order or check.


Note: to receive donations, you will need to include an address to send checks and money orders. 


If you want to get Paypal Donations, you will need a checking account to open your Paypal account.  


This is not necessary if you just want check and money order donations.


This give you a six month Donation Page paid in advance.


Make payable to: EGM Services INC and send to:
EGM Services INC
Donation Page
P O Box 430
Seville , FL   32190


Notice: We never give out your email address or any information about you!!
Please also read our "Terms Of Service."

  Please be warned that if you receive a check or money order as a donation, you may deposit it but wait until one month after the check or money order clears the bank before you use the money for any purpose. 
That way if the check or money order is bad, it will not affect you. Sometimes it takes weeks for the bank to verify funds, especially if they come from another country.
We have no control over this, if you post an address on your page you may receive this kind of check or money order. 
Also we continue to recommend that you never put your name or home address or email address on your web page.

Donations you get through Papal are all legitimate.

There is nothing that EGM Services Inc, or DonateMoney2Me.com can do to stop someone from emailing you at the email address you use to receive your payments at Paypal (that is why we suggest the "encrypted" button that does not show your email address) or if you include your name or address on your web page there is nothing we can do to stop someone from mailing to that address.

Remember: We strongly suggest you never include your name, home address, or your personal email on your web pages.



Look at this:


Getting a loan or begging for donations
may not solve your problem.....


If you do get a loan, it just puts you into more debt.


Begging may not get you out of the hole.

If you're broke:
We can fix that
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We ask that everyone follow the DonateMoney2me.com "Pledge of Responsibility". We do not get involved other than to offer the web page and post the content submitted. Although we sometimes edit materials submitted, we cannot be held responsible for content. DonateMoney2Me.com and it's affiliates cannot and does not guarantee that anyone asking for donations is legitimate, there is no verifying, we make no claim of any identity and will also never release the email addresses or names of individuals who post pages and we are not privy to the information about the donors so we have no information about who gives or get donations.  
But we hope and we feel that people will adhere to the "Pledge of Responsibility".  
Also see Agreement - Terms of Service.

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All donations go directly to you. 
We do not take any percentage. 
Your account can 
pay for itself!

At our website, these wonderful, good hearted philanthropists can skip the middle man and give direct to the individual who needs the help. 



If you donate, you get a chance to see where your money goes and make the choices yourself. 



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