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Our Privacy Policy

bulletYou can be sure your privacy is safe. 
We will never share or sell your information. 
bullet We do not and will not share ANY information 
with outside parties.
bullet To prevent unauthorized access, and ensure the appropriate 
use of information, we have appropriate physical, electronic, 
and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the 
information we collect online or from your emails.
bullet We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive and you have the option to "opt out" of our contact with you in 
the future. 
bullet Such addresses are not used for any other purpose, 
are not shared with outside parties, and are never sold. 

Warning Notice - Read This: 

Your PayPal email address will be shown when someone clicks on your donation button....please don't use your everyday email address....
.....you should follow this advice:

  1. Paypal allows you to use any email address you want to use on your Paypal donation button.  
    It is easy.

  2. At Paypal, click where it says "Add an Email Address"  see below how to get an email account that you can use for this purpose. 
    Then enter your new free email account. 

Go to http://mail.yahoo.com or to http://hotmail.com and sign up for one of their free email accounts. 
This will actually be what is called a "throw-away" account. Don't give this email address to anyone! 


This is a must if you want to keep your personal email address secret!


It is very important so that you do not get spammed or get emails from people trying to get money from you!

That way any emails you receive in that account will be spam and advertisements and fake email which you can just delete. 
Don't read - Delete!

1. Several of our members have been emailed by people in Africa and other countries (and as a new member you will receive these kind of emails) sent to the email address they have used at Paypal to receive their Paypal donations.
These people are very creative con artists and they try to extort money from you or try to get information from you by saying that they will send you donations. But they may end up by asking you to send them money first. 
Yes, some of our members actually did send them money and never got it back. Don't be taken in....!

Sometimes these scammers even say they are ministers or associated with a church......don't believe it....delete it!

Use your common sense about these matters, don't ever send money to them!

You can avoid being scammed by these criminals by following these instructions and if you do ever get this type of email,
Delete it, do not answer it!

Notice: We never give out your email address or any information about you!!
Please also read our "Terms Of Service."

2. Also- Please be warned that if you receive a check or money order as a donation, it is almost certainly bogus and could get you in trouble with your bank. You may deposit it -- but wait until the check clears the bank before you use the money for any purpose. 
Then wait for 30 days or more days and again check with your bank....because the scammers have lots of tricks up their sleeve and that check or money order may still bounce and you will be responsible for it.
That way if the check or money order is bad, it will not affect you. 
We have no control over this!
And if you post an address on your page you may receive this kind of check or money order or personal letters. 
We continue to recommend that you never put your name or home address or email address on your web page in your statement. Get a mail box from a place that rents them and you can post that in your statement but we don't think you will ever receive a real donation that way, only scammers.

3. You may also get emails from people who say they are "members" of donatemoney2me.com or were members..... warning of this problem. 
These emails could be from anyone and they are not in your best interest.
The best thing to do is to delete them. 
You will never get a donation through some kind of email. 
The only way to get donations is through direct payment at Paypal or if you use a PO Box you may get a check or money order (however, this is unlikely and as we said above it could be some kind of scam). 
Donations you get through Papal are all legitimate.

Please understand:
There is nothing that EGM Services Inc, or DonateMoney2Me.com can do to stop someone from emailing you at the email address you use to receive your payments at Paypal or if you include your name or address on your web page there is nothing we can do to stop someone from mailing to that address.

Remember: We strongly suggest you never include your name, home address, or your personal email on your web page statement.

Paypal is not associated with DonateMoney2Me.com, they are owned and operated by EBay. Whatever email address you use for your Paypal account will be shown when someone clicks on your Paypal Donation Button.
We have no control over this.

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We ask that everyone follow the DonateMoney2me.com "Pledge of Responsibility". We do not get involved other than to offer the web page and post the content submitted. Although we sometimes edit materials submitted, we cannot be held responsible for content. DonateMoney2Me.com and it's affiliates cannot and does not guarantee that anyone asking for donations is legitimate, there is no verifying, we make no claim of any identity and will also never release the email addresses or names of individuals who post pages and we are not privy to the information about the donors so we have no information about who gives or get donations.  
But we hope and we feel that people will adhere to the "Pledge of Responsibility".  
Also see Agreement - Terms of Service.

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