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My name is Joe, and iam an inventor. Like most people who invent things i do not have the money, resources, or corperations to back me up. I have five very good (ideas)inventions three of them to save lives. christmas tree and personal fire extinguishers which can be used to clear a path in a home fire. christmas tree fires. and for emergency vehicles. And ejection system on passenger air craft that will save over 95% of lives in a plane crash were in todays fate all will perrish. And one for renewable energy. and last a finger glove mouse for laptops.

Fortunately and unfotunately i went with the mouse in hopes to make the money needed to launch the other inventions which will take more time and effort to create. I did infact receive a patent from the USPTO. for my mouse but it took me five years to get it. And everthing i had to get it. I have spent over 15,000.00 to get the patent. Now its seven years in the making. I work very hard everyday to presue these ideas. But i have responsabilities that i must take care of. My family and a mortage to think about and not go out on a whim and borrow money or a buisness loan that i cannot for sure pay back. And all the investors say start up buisness' are to much of a risk. and grants wont contribute to inventions.

So here i am. And the most amazing thing is that all the people i show my inventions to say that they are the coolist, most amazing thing they have ever seen. And if they had the money they would not hesitate to invest in me or my ideas. So please, please help me try to save the world with what ever you can. This is my part to help the world. This what i do. This is all i think about and it is so frustrating not to be able to do these things and save lives because off money and how the world revolves around it. Please anything you can give that will get me to my goal will be very well appreciated. Thank you very much.     

Sincerly Joe.

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